What do we know about Operation Hope?


We have seen the world go crazy for technology in 21st century. We have claimed ourselves as intelligent creatures and an advanced civilization. We talk of Artificial Intelligence, Colonizing Mars and Deep space explorations. But are we really that advanced? The truth is, where half the world is using high speed Internet on their smartphones, the remaining half has not even seen electricity. Where the fast urban life is preferring quick fast food, the remaining world doesn’t even have the leisure of two proper meals. Is this true progress?


Operation Hope (1992) is a ray of hope for humanity to bring people from roads to homes. Financial independence and stability not only improves social life but also empowers them to be better and gives them basic human right to “choose”.  Operation Hope’s mission and vision is not to reduce poverty in the society, but to eliminate it altogether. To understand the core aim of operation Hope, one must understand the Silver Rights Movement. Silver Rights Movement was the next step to Civil Rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr. and Andrew Young knew that financial support to everyone was at the heart to truly create equality in society. This idea of financial empowerment triggered the actions of HOPE towards financial dignity.


HOPE has many divisions to help prevent poverty at many levels at multiple circumstances:

  1. Banking on Our Future:

This division teaches the youth about basic finance and financial independence and keeps them at bay from going back to poverty again and again.


  1. HOPE Inside:

This division focuses on action than advice. They give credits and services to those who ask for help. The key factor here is speed. The help given is almost instantaneous.


  1. HOPE Business in a box:

Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool, that not only brings them out of poverty but also makes them strong enough to support the economy of the country. But becoming entrepreneur requires skill and knowledge. It is provided by this division.


  1. HOPE coalition America:

This division focuses on a special type poverty. The one caused due to financial disasters. It works with FEMA to tackle these national level issues.


  1. HOPE Global initiatives:

HGI expands the HOPE initiatives to help the world. This overseas initiatives is currently empowering youths of South Africa. This number is around 2.5 million people worldwide.


  1. HOPE Government Relations and Public policy:

As the name suggests, this division tries to eliminate poverty by administrative level movements.