Facts about the Showhouse


Real estate is one of the most booming industries in today’s market. People have started making a good fortune by purchasing plots and selling them after developing them. The focus of these companies are now directed towards newer and newer places to develop and raise their stakes. But to gain more money from the buyers, trust has to be gained that the place they will live in will not only make them feel comfortable by providing all facilities at hand, but also raise their social status.

To gain this trust beforehand, builders build showhouses or model houses. These houses are completely built imitating ready to move in, but they are not. They are built as a marketing strategy. This fully furnished house has only one job to accomplish, look good and impress others. These houses give buyers an idea about how the final product they are going buy will look like. This visual stimuli impresses more than just printed blueprints and architect’s views. This one simple idea has increased the revenue by leaps and bounds.

Showhouses have a few rules and facts:

  1. Reservations: In order to visit a showhouse in Spain, you need reservations! As mentioned earlier, the demand is high and people are busy. In order to respect everyone’s time, a reservation system is followed. This allows systematic time allocation. This also creates an illusion of demand. It makes the property appear even more appealing than it truly is. Many builders also allow the option to make the reservation online, just to make it look even more high-tech.


  1. Test Driven: These houses are never sold or rented out. These test houses are made solely for the purpose of demonstration. It is not necessarily meant for the demonstration of a specific place, so owners use it all the time even to show the sample of the places that are less relevant.


  1. Fake: Before you fall in love with that place and make up your mind, remember one thing: The whole thing is a big fat lie, a promotional stunt, an optical illusion. You are not going to live in that house. Your house will look much different. What you should not do is look at the furniture, the decoration and get mesmerized, instead lookout for the area, accessibility to regular resources and the environment.

With these thoughts in mind visit the showhouses and don’t let the advertisers blur your vision and make something else look palatable.