What do we know about Operation Hope?

We have seen the world go crazy for technology in 21st century. We have claimed ourselves as intelligent creatures and an advanced civilization. We talk of Artificial Intelligence, Colonizing Mars and Deep space explorations. But are we really that advanced? The truth is, where half the world is using high speed Internet on their smartphones, […]

Facts about the Showhouse

Real estate is one of the most booming industries in today’s market. People have started making a good fortune by purchasing plots and selling them after developing them. The focus of these companies are now directed towards newer and newer places to develop and raise their stakes. But to gain more money from the buyers, […]

About the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

In the fast urban lifestyle, it has become increasingly difficult to keep the religious part of self alive and active. People are attracted towards the suburbs and countryside just seek tranquility and peace. St. Paul’s Episcopal churches are doing the great job of providing this religious touch in the heart of the city. The saga […]